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The purpose of this site is to advance our understanding of who Jesus Christ is and to answer the many questions we have on the subject. Everyone has come across questions like, Who are we? Where did we originally come from? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why are there so many different religions? Why are there religions to begin with? I believe that if we are ever going to have true lasting peace on this earth, we need to have these questions answered, truthfully, honestly and without any secrets being withheld. We need clarity and AWARENESS.

After being born and raised a Christian, I later chose not to believe in God. Doubt overtook me. “You just have to have faith,” wasn’t enough to convince me. The fact that there were, and are many different bibles, religions and divisions, didn’t help. I remained lost and confused for many years. However, something within me kept searching for answers. Finally, I came across secret and/or hidden information that made a lot of common sense, helped me to “connect the dots,” and turned me into a believer again. The thoughts, “Wow, this knowledge is powerful and extremely important. If it helped me, it can help others. This should be passed on to as many people as possible,” and “Why wasn’t this knowledge made available to me growing up as a Christian? It sure would have saved me a lot of trouble,” inspired me to take action. This site is the ongoing result.

The information contained within is priceless! It is more important than any other information I’ve come across. The following is an analogy of why. The average physical life span of a person is anywhere between 65 to 80 years. The average Spiritual (mind=spirit) life span of a person is Eternal. However, there is a “Key” you must have, before your physical life passes, in order for you to obtain Eternal Life. That “Key” is found within this information. There’s more. It is, also, about everything that is positive and good; Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Friendship, Harmony, Happiness, Abundance, Success, Fulfillment, Enlightenment, Awareness, Knowledge and Wisdom.

By now, you should have the idea that this information is deserving of your time. Please, go through all 17 chapters (links to the left) before having any reservations, or making any judgments.

John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.