The inspiration and idea for this site came about while reading the amazing writings of Enoch Tan, creator of Mind Reality. His writings changed my life by making me aware of many things I had not previously known about, helping me to “connect the dots,” and by turning me into a believer again in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. mindreality.com is the best website that I’ve come across that contains the greatest secrets to all of the most important things in life. That isn’t an exaggeration. The Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment you’ll gain is Life-Changing. It changed mine!

Jerry Castro Fuentes, creator of Believe In Jesus

Am I Jesus? Are you Jesus? Are we collectively Jesus? Here is an interesting read that got me thinking…

According to the bible, “I have said, ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the most high.” -Psalms 82:6…

“Perhaps “God” is just a concept, a good one albeit. But “Creator” is what the truth is. There is only Creator and Creation. This is Universal. Everyone knows it understandably. But “God” is something that has to be explained, and has been explained in so many different ways and yet there is still so much mystery to it. Truth is always clear, but illusion never seems to get clear enough.
God implies some “Supreme Being” that is “higher” than all, “ruler” of all, able to “assert” itself over other being’s reality, is the one “responsible” for whatever happens in the reality of other beings, has “power” over all, is “overseer” of all, and “owner” of all.
But such idea becomes unnecessary in the realization of the truth that: SELF IS SUPREME, SELF IS CREATOR, SELF is responsible for all events and experiences, and SELF IS ALL. This is all based on the LAW OF ONE.
The concept of God is not based on the LAW OF ONE, and in many cases forms a dualistic consciousness. There is actually nothing other than the LAW OF ONE. Anything other than the LAW OF ONE is “unreal.” Therefore the experience of “God” is the result of a created reality, but SELF is the uncreated reality. It is important to note that “Self” with a capital “S” here does not mean just that individual consciousness of you that experiences reality in whatever form it is in. That is the “self” with a small “s.” But the “Self” is your individual self in conjunction with the whole of existence which can be taken to be the TOTALITY OF YOU. IT IS ALL ONE SELF.
God is a concept, but that doesn’t mean it should not be used. A concept has value but it should not be mistaken for Ultimate Reality. A concept is a perception of reality that may or may not have a certain amount of distortion to it. In this case, “God” is a slightly distorted view of reality. “Creator” is an undistorted view of reality. There is no “right” or “wrong” in actuality. There is only what serves you, and what does not. If you need a “God” because that perception serves you, then so be it. But it is enough for some to perceive reality directly as CONSCIOUSNESS, CREATOR and SELF. Other undistorted terms are SOURCE and ALL-THAT-IS.”
Another way is to UPGRADE the concept of GOD with the LAW OF ONE. There is ONLY ONE of US HERE. GOD IS YOU. YOU ARE ALL-THAT-IS.”

-Enoch Mind Reality

I always wondered, if God created us, who created God?
God is all-that-is, all-that-ever-was and all-that-ever-will-be.
Each of us are parts of God. All of our parts make up the Whole.
The HIGHEST part of God is Jesus Christ. He is the Godhead, We
are the Body(his offspring or children). He is the Alpha and Omega;
The Beginning and the Ending. The First and the Last. The Lord and Savior!
He created each and every one of us in his image and likeness.
We are forever a part of Him. Like Him, we are all-that-is, all-
that-ever-was and all-that-ever-will-be. We-are-ONE!
The world would be a much better place if we ALL simply understood
this ONE thing. This should be required knowledge at every school.

“In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want
them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”
-Matthew 7:12
“Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one
of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”
-Matthew 25:40

Also, read…

We are All One Consciousness and One Self

“We are all one. In the beginning, there was only one consciousness that existed. The one consciousness decided to differentiate itself into the many in order to experience itself from different perspectives and points of view. We are all different versions of the same being in existence.

We are all inseparably connected to everything else in the universe. The real you is bigger than the individual you that is localized in time and space. The real you is all there is. Your real self is the Self of The All. Everyone else is an aspect of your much larger self.

That is why there is no out there because everything is within you, and is being projected as your consciousness. Everyone you see is a different version of you. I am a different version of you and you are a different version of me. You can say that we are all God individualized into little gods. It is written in the bible Psalms 82:6 that the Lord says we are gods because we are all children of the Most High.

But there is one who is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. He is Yahweh the LORD and He is EL ELYON, God Most High or God the Highest.

It is He that created the rest of us by differentiating the One consciousness into many more individuated centers of consciousness. He is the highest aspect of God and He is the LORD whom we should worship and serve. He is the Godhead while we are the body of God.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

Also, read…

The Creator is Everything in the Universe

“Now there is no easy way to explain the multidimensional nature of THE CREATOR, so I’ll have to do this from several approaches. Let’s start with who you are in relation to THE CREATOR.

Everyone is a piece of THE CREATOR. The individual pieces when assembled comprise the totality of THE CREATOR. It’s like this: imagine you are THE CREATOR. As THE CREATOR, the individual beings that make up your total person would be equivalent to a single cell within your body. Each cell has its own life, existence, world and feeling of self. The various cells in any given area interact with each other, not unlike the way you interact with the people in your life. So you are one cell within the body of THE CREATOR. THE CREATOR (entire being) you (single cell).

However, this body example only takes us so far in explaining the multidimensional nature of THE CREATOR and universe construction. I merely want you to understand the relationship between you and THE CREATOR, between the planes and THE CREATOR, between the universe and THE CREATOR. The simple truth is that “THE CREATOR is everything! and everything is a piece of THE CREATOR.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

The following is relevant too…

The following read is incredibly awesome and an incredibly great and important thing for EVERYONE to know and understand:

You Are a Creator-Being and Child of Light

“Many people feel that they do not have the power to make major changes in their own lives, and for that reason could not possibly be creating their own reality. What they don’t realize is that their thoughts, feelings and beliefs simply provide the energy to send a signal out into the Universe. It is the Universe which amplifies this signal by adding all the energy required to rearrange a personal reality and manifest a new life experience.

If people only knew that they have the power to ask the Universe to change their reality, they would understand that they are not weak and helpless victims of circumstances, but empowered Children of Light exercising their birthright as Creator-Beings. A Being of Light is empowered to ask the Universe because the Universe is itself made of Light. So in a sense, when you send a signal out in the Universe, you are sending a signal into the essence of YOUR OWN BEING, and it is because the Universe recognizes you as a CHILD OF LIGHT, as being ONE with itself in essence, that it obeys your request. Thus, manifesting a reality is fundamentally you and the Universe BEING AS ONE, and MOVING AS ONE, and this is the real secret of your own nature and your own power.”

– Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

The Law of Creative Harmony Operates the Universe

“The physical universe came into existence with certain root assumptions. Many of these laws have their roots from the greater nonphysical universe that preceded it. The nonphysical universe is much older than the physical one; it was one of the first things created by the cosmic egg. It is from this larger nonphysical universe that physical reality gets its energy, vitality, and behavior. It is from this framework that you get the ability to create on the physical plane.

Let’s take sometime to learn a bit about the basic design of the created universe. The most important part of the cosmic egg is the base code that went into it. This code is part of everything that exists and is what ensures that the universe expands in a constructive and positive manner. One of the central themes of this code deals with creative harmony. A Creative harmony is the idea that underneath everything that happens or exists there is some kind of unifying creative, harmonious force. This one creative force acts as a governor that resists disharmony and those influences that will pull apart from the whole and encourages those influences that support or add to the whole.

This idea of one all-encompassing creative force is not new. Just by looking up at the night sky you have to wonder about the level of creative harmony that goes on to form the stars and galaxies. Even an exploding star is a creative act, as the star is transformed from one form to another.

This creative harmony may seem elusive from a human perspective. However, as you delve deeper into the nonphysical side of creation and come in contact with the wonders that exist outside of the earthly system, this underlying harmony of everything will become more apparent.

As you break out of the box of the physical plane, you will experience an increasing degree of harmony and a decreasing degree of disharmony. If you go far enough away from the physical plane all disharmony ceases to exist and only those creations that are in perfect harmony with each other are in existence.”

– Reality Creator 2 (Tom DeLiso)

“In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you(harmony), for this is the Law and the Prophets.
-Matthew 7:12

Download “The Spiritual World” ebook by Peter Tan at:
(An incredible insight. Wow! Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!)

“In this life, and in the next life, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.” (John 14:6)

(Another immaculate read. Wow!)

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist

-Robert Lanza claims the theory of biocentrism says death is an illusion
-He said life creates the universe, and not the other way round
-This means space and time don’t exist in the linear fashion we think it does
-He uses the famous double-split experiment to illustrate his point
-And if space and time aren’t linear, then death can’t exist in ‘any real sense’ either

The TRUTH is coming out!!!

Other books that have helped me in my spiritual journey
and in my quest to find truth:

Conversations with God Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch

Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D.

The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra

Please note that in all writings there is truth and error. Therefore, take what
resonates with you and move on.

Spiritual Food for Your Peace, Prosperity and Health

I have something to offer that is unique and different from many other internet marketer social media and newsletters. The world has plenty of human information and they need spiritual food. The world needs feeding with spiritual food. Here are three things I have to feed you with today:

1. God Loves You – God’s Love sustains the life of all creation. Even in the Higher Planes, spirits that are more evolved can sustain themselves purely by feeding on God’s Love. Other less evolved spirits may need to eat “spiritual food” or else they would be weak and “hungry ghosts”.

2. God Gave His Son – God the Father (Infinite Being) Gave Himself as the Son (Jesus) to relate with His Creation. God without Form can’t relate with His Creation directly. Jesus is the Form (Son/Lord) of the Father (God/Creator). God Gave His Son so that you may know Him and relate with Him in a very personal way.

3. God Gave His Life – God Gave His Life as Jesus Christ through the Cross. The Cross represents Divine Exchange of Life and Death. The Wages of Sin (Ungodliness) is Death but the Gift of God is Eternal Life (Wholeness, Health, and Prosperity). Everything you need is supplied through Jesus and the Cross.

These three things are the essence of the whole Gospel (Good News). If you feed on these three things everyday, you will experience transformation in your life with much more peace, much more health, much more prosperity and much more fulfillment. Remember “God Loves” and “God Gave”. The world would be a better place with this.

3 Spiritual Truths contrary to Traditional beliefs

The following information will be relevant to all spiritual people regardless of whether they are in any religion or in no religion at all. Please click on the links to read the full details to have a thorough understanding. These revelations will bring your understanding of God, Reality and the Universe to a much deeper and higher level.

1. The Trinity is One God-Person in 3 God-Dimensions:
=> http://www.greatgenius.com/the-mystery-of-the-trinity-of-the-godhead-revealed

2. Hell exists but it is a temporary state and not a permanent prison:
=> http://www.greatgenius.com/the-love-of-god-operates-even-in-hell

3. There are many more planes in the Spiritual World than Heaven and Hell:
=> http://www.greatgenius.com/different-spheres-of-the-spiritual-world

Truth 1 will resolve the confusion of how we relate with God as One or this and that. Truth 2 will transform how we see and treat others who are considered “lost”. Truth 3 will resolve the conflict between different experiences reported by those who have near death experience, spiritual visions or communication with higher beings.

The SHORTEST Path to Getting Everything You Want In Life is by finding information that explains how the universe works.

Mind Reality is the BEST website in the world that contains the GREATEST SECRETS to ALL of The MOST Important Things in Life! You’ll Never find such information ANYWHERE Else that is expressed in such a Unique, Authentic and Powerful manner! If there was just ONE Membership Site in the world you should join, this is it!

The Secret Ritual to Manifest a Life of Abundance

The Secret Ritual Will…

…tap you into the Divine Power “behind” the Law of Attraction
…manifest your deepest desires
…help you create the life you’ve always wanted
…teach you how to focus your mind on the One True Source and create anything
…turn you into the Earth Ruler that you were meant to be
…give you the ability to influence others and create winning situations
…give you more power and wealth than you ever imagined

Discover the Secret Ritual to Manifest Wealth, Health and Happiness:

=> http://www.greatgenius.com/gods-covenant-of-prosperity-is-what-blesses-you

Prosperity and Happiness No Matter the Conditions

“The government of a nation is a direct mirror, or reflection, of those who live in it. Therefore, it is not accurate to refer to “those in power,” as you are wont to do, for they can only exist as a result of the choices of each and every one of you. Such a mindset is an indication that you have given away your power! THE UNIVERSE WILL RESPOND TO YOU INDIVIDUALLY, NO MATTER WHAT THE OTHERS ARE DOING. Even if there are policemen on every corner, you may wave cheerfully to them, or rant and rave and cause yourself upset.

You cannot control the actions of another! You can, however, control how the universe, and the people in it, respond to you. We tell you that YOU CAN FIND HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY NO MATTER THE CONDITIONS! (big wave of love here, and complete certainty)

Once you begin to focus exclusively on well–being, you will find your life changing for the better in magical ways.

Not only that, but when you change your focus exclusively to well–being, you influence the environment around you. You become a lighthouse, a beacon shining your light into the world. The way to truly change the world for the better is by setting an example. You have no idea how powerful your light can be! One person broadcasting a powerful signal of well–being is more powerful than a million disconnected ones. Believe it or not, one person shining his or her light may influence the million and do so much more quickly than you can imagine.”

– Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

Positive Thoughts are More Powerful than Negative

“Positive thoughts are far more powerful than negative thoughts. One positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones. Your soul stops your lower and negative thoughts from becoming realities unless having them manifest will teach you something that will help you grow. You are loved and protected by your soul and the universe. As your thoughts become higher and more positive, your soul allows more and more of them to manifest. The more you evolve, the more power your thoughts have to create your reality, and the more responsibility you have to think in higher ways.”

– ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)

Law of Nonresistance Makes You Invulnerable

When you are centered in right thinking, send out only good will to others and are without fear, you cannot be influenced by the negative thoughts of others. In fact, you could only receive good thoughts, as you send forth only good thoughts. Resistance is hell for it places you in a state of torment. Perhaps your fear is of personality. Then do not avoid the people feared. Be willing to meet them cheerfully, and they’ll either prove golden links in the chain of your good, or disappear harmoniously from your path.

There was a woman who understood prosperity consciousness but she found herself continually in a business situation with a man who made her feel very poor. He talked lack and limitation and she was affected by his poverty thoughts. So she disliked him and blamed him for her failure. She knew that in order to manifest the money she needed, she must be free to have feelings of abundance and having received her desired reality. But she felt this man was sabotaging her efforts for wealth consciousness.

One day she had the realization that she was resisting the situation. So she blessed the man and called the situation as success. She affirmed that since there was only one power of good instead of two powers of good and evil, this man was there for her good and prosperity, which wasn’t what he seem to be there for. Soon after that she met through this man a woman who gave to her for a service rendered, several thousand dollars, and the man moved to a distant city, and faded harmoniously from her life.

Excepts taken from Article on Mind Reality (Law of Nonresistance Makes You Invulnerable)

Talk About Abundance to Increase Your Prosperity

“To increase your prosperity, talk about your abundance. Words are important. Everything you say has the potential to create the reality you experience. The universe responds to your positive talk. Even if you do not have something you want in your life right now, if you begin to talk and act as if you are certain you will have it, you will draw to you the circumstances to have it. Words affect your subconscious, which hears what you say and goes to work directly to make your words come true. The words “I do not have enough money” go directly to your unconscious, which begins creating lack. Rather than saying, “I can’t afford to buy this,” say, “I choose not to buy this at this time.”

“Speak of what is good in your life right now, and how positive you feel about the future. Speak to others of your confidence and trust in yourself, without emphasizing your lack. Your friends carry an image of you, and when you think of yourself you pick up their pictures. If you speak to others of your prosperity, they will think of you as prosperous; they will carry positive mental pictures of you that you can tap into whenever you want.”

– Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

The Secret of Guidance and Right Action

“You wait for alignment. If you don’t have the energy for it, what you’re actually saying is “I’m not in the vortex, and anything I do will be drudgery, it will probably be incorrect as I do it, I’m not going to have fun, I’m not going to be efficient, I’m not going to make myself do it.” “When I am in the vortex I am magic, and when I’m not, leave me alone.” And we would say that to all of you.

When you don’t badger yourself about what is not working, but you revel in what is working, now you are in the vortex where more wonderful ideas come to you. It always gets better, and better and better.”

– Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: ABRAHAM HICKS Business Aspects- Be Like A Horse)

“Aligning with the Higher Will will guide you to take the actions that will produce the results you want. You might imagine a higher stream of energy that leads to your goal, and picture yourself joining it. Imagine that you are being joined by the Higher Will and that It is assisting you in creating whatever is for your highest good in the best and fastest way possible.

Take action only when your feeling is inviting, open, and positive. The actions you take will be aligned with the Higher Will. You will need less effort to get positive results.”

– ORIN (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)

Receive Money or Fair Exchange for Spiritual Service

“Some of you who are involved in spiritual counseling or healing wonder if it is spiritual to charge money for your services since your talent is a gift of spirit. Every talent that anyone has is a gift of spirit – a beautiful singing voice, a talent for mathematics, or an ability to write. People pay you for the time, labor, and energy that is required of you to make your talents available to them.”

“If you don’t need money, you will still want to ask for something in return for your services, for others cannot complete the flow of energy if they don’t give something back to you.”

“Offer your work only to those who value it. If you work for an employer who doesn’t value your work, it undermines your self-confidence. It is important that those you offer your work to – clients, customers, businesses, or individuals – are able to use your services in some way to create higher good in their lives. Offering your services or your work to those who don’t value it can increase your doubts about your worth, cutting off the flow of your energy and thus your abundance.”

“Perhaps you have offered a service that was unappreciated and you felt depreciated for a while afterward. That experience may have also been a turning point in your valuing of your work and yourself. Give your work only to those who will value it and use it.”

– Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

The Vibration of Success increases Yours Faster

“As you become more prosperous yourself, it is likely that you will be around prosperous people. As you think in terms of prosperity, your vibration begins to change and you attract other people who think in terms of abundance as well. Do not feel jealous or threatened by someone who is successful. Realize that if you are close to a person who is succeeding, you are beginning to have that same vibration of success yourself. Begin now to believe that everyone’s success means even more success for you. If everyone around you begins to succeed, then you are surrounded by the vibration of success, and your success will grow even faster. When you hear of other people’s good fortune, appreciate their success, knowing that it affirms the abundance that is available for you as well.”

– Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

The Wonderful Thing about this Universe

“You see, the only way you can guarantee what you want for yourself is to keep your vibration purely on what it is you want. When you finally understand that you will be free. What appears in your life experience is solely and only a function of your thoughts and beliefs. Otherwise, others could create in your experience and that simply cannot happen. Others creating in your experience is a violation of universal law. The universe is set up so that each and every one may receive what is wanted no matter what the others are doing.

Life is a win–win situation. People receive what they are focused upon. Your thoughts and beliefs precisely establish the content of your vibration, to which all things in the universe respond. Those who choose to focus in a disconnected way will live lives of disconnection. Those who are focused in a positive way will live lives in a positive condition, connected to the flow of universal energy. The parameters of your existence may change if others change; but it will still be a positive existence IF you keep your focus on what you want! It is simply up to you what you choose; the universe has the capacity to respond. You may live exactly as you choose to live. That’s the wonderful thing about this universe –– the desires of everyone may be satisfied.

We want to say to you that you cannot lose, you are always and will always receive a precise vibrational match to your desires no matter whether you are a physically focused consciousness in a body, or whether you are completely in ‘non–physical.’ Whatever you choose as your place of vibration (thought, belief, and feeling) you will have a matching experience. That is just the way it is! If you choose abundance and prosperity you can experience it, in whatever form you envision.

As we have said over and over, you are the molder of your own experiences! You are in charge, you are the writer and director of your own life. Our message is 100% empowering because that is the way the universe is set up. You are focused consciousness, an aspect or extension of universal consciousness, which created and designed the universe. We want you to know that the set–up for all life experience is a win–win. There is no lose; unless, of course, you want to experience that way.

Lighten up! Life is not supposed to be ‘serious,’ at least that was not what you intended before you came here. As you lighten up and relax into your connection you will find (as you have found) that life becomes simpler and more joyful and more exciting!”

– Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

The Whole of Living is to Master Your Limitations

“The whole process of living on the Earth is teaching you to master your limitations, and move on into much higher frequencies of consciousness and being. When a thing seems impossible, remember that it’s only impossible on your present level of consciousness. By empowering your consciousness, you can push back the boundaries of the possible: If you can shift your consciousness onto a high enough level, and use the energies available at that level, there is nothing you cannot do.

When you realize that, and start to live from that understanding, you will be able to transcend the limitations which have restricted you for so long. This is all part of the process of waking up to who you are and accepting a new level of empowerment.”

“After many lifetimes in a veiled state, you have persuaded yourselves that you are beings with very little power, but the truth is very different: you are wise and powerful Beings of Light. When you attune to the Light, you begin to see that the only limitations in your life are those that you have control. And once created, these limitations only endure because you continue to accept them. If you stand strong in your own truth and deny their power over you, they will vanish like the morning mist at the rising of the sun.”

– Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

Texas teen says he saw Jesus before being revived: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2015/05/14/texas-teen-says-he-saw-jesus-before-being-revived/

Proof that we all have a soul that leaves our body upon our “death”: www.delightfulknowledge.com/scientist-photographs-soul-leaving-body

The Hidden Name of The Creator in Your DNA

The DNA is composed of 4 elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, when put together form Y-H-W-G. Carbon is what makes us physical and earthly beings. When carbon is replaced with nitrogen, we have all colorless, odorless, and invisible gases! They form the letters Y-H-W-H which is the name of God.

The YHWH Code

The mapping of the genetic code, known as DNA, is probably the most important scientific breakthrough of the new millennium. On June 26, 2000, President Clinton and a group of world renowned scientists presented the first genetic map of the human DNA molecule. Clinton called the discovery the “language in which God created life.”

READ the FULL Article here: