There are two paths to knowing God. One is Enlightenment and the other is Salvation. Most people are aware of only one path but not the other. Each of these paths enable us to know an aspect of God. We know the universal aspect of God through enlightenment and we know the personal aspect of God through salvation. Both enlightenment and salvation are necessary for knowing God completely. Realize that the source of enlightenment and salvation is God himself no matter the messenger.

Lucifer the Light Bringer is the one who brings enlightenment to mankind. Enlightenment is transcending the Ego. It is about surrendering to a higher power, the divine intelligence that runs the cosmos and the universe. Enlightenment is letting go and letting God. A state of non-attachment to all things. To trust in God as being in control of all things. To harmonize with the flow of divinity and to let nature take its course. Enlightenment is the highest state of consciousness indeed. But what Lucifer brings is only one half of the truth. He brings people to know only the universal aspect of God but not the personal Aspect.

Jesus is Lord of all creation, but he is Savior only to those who are believers. That is why many will come to him on judgment day saying “Lord we have done many wonderful things in your name. We have cast out demons, healed the sick, and prophesied in your name.” But Jesus will say “I never knew you.” That is because they only knew the universal aspect of God but not the personal aspect. The name which they know him with is Christ which means Anointed One, but not Jesus which means Savior. God cannot be fully known in Enlightenment alone but in Redemption as well. To know God is Love is to know that he became the Savior of the world.

All religions know God but only Christianity knows The Lord (Yahweh) is God and Savior. Lucifer would never want the world to know God gave his life to save his creatures from sins. For that would automatically transform their soul nature into allegiance with the Most High and not with him. Lucifer knows that once a person believes in the Son of God, the effect of the Blood of the Lamb which is the eternal life of Jesus would merge with their spirit and cause them to be spiritually reborn into relational oneness with the Most High. Their soul nature will now be irreversibly aligned with the true God because of the Holy Spirit that permanently indwells them. Therefore once a person belongs to Jesus, he could never truly serve Lucifer.

Although Lucifer is the Enlightener of the world, that does not mean we should shun the doctrine of enlightenment. Most Christians have trouble living life with effortlessness and nonresistance compared to spiritually evolved people of other religions because the Devil has hidden that portion of the truth from God’s people. To Christians, he has hidden the universal aspect of God. To the world, he has hidden the personal aspect of God. But, Lucifer was created to be the enlightener as his name signifies. God lets him play the role he was created with in this world, enlightening mankind. Although Lucifer has corrupted his original responsibilities by acting according to his own agenda instead of God’s, he is still fulfilling part of God’s plan in universal unfoldment. Because the Most High God is sovereign in the workings of the universe. If Lucifer had not fallen, he would be playing his role perfectly as the enlightener of mankind according to God’s way and not his own.

Lucifer has a light side and a shadow side. The light side is where the positive exist and the shadow side is where the negative exist. But, both his light side and shadow side are corrupted. Lucifer’s white is not pure white and his black is not pure black. They are impure in relation with the Most High. He knows the universal aspect of God but he has separated himself from the personal aspect of God. Good and evil are not opposites, but are different operational facets used for creational purposes within the Unity of the One Consciousness of all that exists. Evil simply means an inferior quality compared with good. Therefore a lesser good is evil compared with a greater good.

Lucifer is using his shadow side to bring people to his light side by awakening or enlightening them to the higher truth about being and consciousness. His ultimate aim is to change the cosmic order of the universe as a God that brings a higher revelation of spirituality and the nature of God so that he and everyone can be like the Most High. Lucifer is making use of good and evil in ways that are out of alignment with the thoughts of the Most High God. Therefore he is purely evil in the eyes of God. To sin is to miss the mark. Lucifer has missed God’s standard by thinking out of alignment with the personal aspect of God.

Enlightenment is to know that everything is form that manifests from formlessness. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. One who is enlightened sees past form into essence. God also has a light side and a shadow side but both sides are good and not evil unlike the Devil’s. God’s good is more perfect, his glory is more glorious and his love is more true than the Devil’s. God’s anger is fiery, his vengeance is more powerful and his terror is more terrifying than the Devil’s. God’s light side and shadow side are greater than the Devil’s.

Jesus being God in the flesh showed the light side of God abundantly through his compassion, obedience, meekness and righteousness while he was on Earth. But, he also showed the shadow side of God, when he expressed anger, by chasing out the money changers and merchants from the temple of God and wrecking their stalls. He, also, showed the shadow side by rebuking the Pharisees, Sadducees and religious, but spiritual, fakes by calling them vipers who belong to their father the devil. He did all these things righteously because his consciousness is in perfect alignment with the Most High.

Angels are pure spirit beings that can manifest into any form they want. The appearance of a greatly terrifying beast could be a good angel that manifest into that form to scare away other terrifying spirits. That is how angels transform into devils to fight devils as one of the combat styles of angelic warfare. The spiritual battlegrounds are blazed with angelic fire, as the princes unleash all kinds of destructive power against one another with the purpose of devastating the force of the other. The appearance of a glorious, angelic being that looks almost like God, could be an evil angel seeking to deceive a person into following a path that is not truly aligned with the Most High. The world is roamed with spiritual guides and angelic teachers which seek to enlighten mankind while corrupting their understanding of salvation into a different form.

Salvation is the first step to our spiritual renewal. But after salvation, a Christian has to continue being spiritually transformed from glory to glory. That is a process which takes spiritual learning which leads to evolution of consciousness and awareness. It is gaining knowledge, wisdom and understanding that makes a person more and more spiritually enlightened. All knowledge is from the Creator and can be learned from any created being that has it whether they are good or evil because knowledge is neutral. We must not be afraid to learn from evil beings but we must grow in spiritual intelligence in order to discern truth from error otherwise we will remain spiritually weak.

Enlightenment is to know that all is one and everything is connected. The fundamental reason for individuality is so that the original Creator can experience itself from an infinite number of viewpoints. It would be much more realistic if the viewpoints were truly independent and creative, with their own senses of intelligence and freewill. But, all consciousness is really one. Individuals of great light are here to show others of the underlying unity of all reality. Enlightenment only allows us to realize our connection with the universal aspect of God. Salvation is our reconciliation with the personal aspect of God through Jesus Christ. Lucifer wants us to receive enlightenment without salvation because to him it is the universal aspect of God that we need to realize and not the personal aspect. He, wrongly, reasons that the trinity being the first projection of original consciousness are not entirely awakened in their thinking.

All knowledge and development of the external world is for knowing and developing the internal world. Understanding reality is for understanding the mind because we are all mind. Spiritual evolution is the ultimate work and is of eternal value. Spiritual learning takes place on Earth and continues on in heaven. The only place to choose salvation is life on Earth. If a person does not choose to believe in the Savior Jesus, as the Son of God, who died for their sins, then their names will be blotted out of the Book of Life because of the sin of unbelief. There is no chance to receive salvation in the next world which would be hell for those who do not believe.

But as for enlightenment, if a person does not become enlightened while on Earth, he will continue the spiritual learning and evolution into enlightenment in heaven. Contrary to the Light Bringer’s deception that a person has to return to Earth through reincarnation in order to learn spiritual lessons, heaven is a place where you can continue spiritual learning. After all, the angels did not have Earth as a place to undergo spiritual learning. Even Lucifer, the Enlightener himself, obtained the fullness of his wisdom in heaven. All experience is mental, therefore the essence of all learning can take place purely in the imagination.

-Written by Enoch Tan, Creator of Mind Reality

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